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As she sleep the Lotto coupon seemed to glow before her eyes. Numbers appeared so vivid that they seemed like neon signs.

The moment she awoke she wrote down the numbers. She filled in the official Lotto entry coupon. Five of the six numbers were drawn - and she won $1500!

Thus, her remarkably vivid dream brought relief from hardship to Vera Moore's life. Both she and her husband were retired and had found it increasingly difficult to meet their financial commitments. Then she heard about Dreams from Cosmic Mind.

This very night – if you knew the dream formula used by Vera - you could have such a dream which can wipe out your money worries!

But how? This we will explain in a moment. But first read this:


Jean, 35, was thoroughly disillusioned with men. She had one boyfriend after another - deceitful men who had broken their promises. She had just about given upon ever finding a genuine, true lover and friend.

Then she tried the dream formula for finding the perfect mate: IN A VIVID DREAM SHE SAW HIM IN DETAIL -AND IN THE DREAMSHE SAW HOW AND WHEN SHE COULD MEET HIM!

Four weeks later she was dating the Man she had seen in her dream! Within five months they were married!


The latest findings in dream research show that dreams can not only reveal the future, but also reveal secret, valuable information which is hidden from the conscious mind!

Most dreams make no sense, they are confused and ridiculous. But there are some dreams which are virtually important, but which we don't understand! These are the dreams from Cosmic Mind - dreams from a great universal consciousness which knows everything!

After years of research mind scientist Carl Nagel has now decoded the dreams from Cosmic Mind. But he has done more: he has found how Cosmic Mind can reveal its secret knowledge in clear literal dreams which need no decoding! He has devised a formula which has already helped many people in a dramatic way.

With Carl Nagel unique formula you can now direct Cosmic Mind to give you clear, precise information about things you want to know!

The formula is so simple that you can really use it after only one reading!

Think what this means: by following this unique formula you can receive IMMEDIATE GUIDANCE on every matter.

You can be given the exact numbers you need to know... information about certain people... information about the future - ALL IN CLEAR AND VIVID DETAIL!

You will be amazed at the stunning clarity of such dreams - but it is absolutely vital that you keep a note pad by your bedside so that you write down immediately the information you have received, lest you forget!

You will read of the true story of the struggling young author who desperately wanted his book published. He tried the dream formula. He received a clear and brilliant image of the publisher he should go to! When he awoke he made a note of what he had seen and then wrote to the publisher in question. His book was accepted immediately! His amazing dream spared him the agony of all the inevitable rejections from the publishers he would otherwise have tried!

Pat was desperate. Her husband was unemployed, and the money that was coming in barely paid for the food on their plates. Bills were coming in at an alarming rate and there seemed no hope in sight. She came to Carl Nagel who told her about dreams from Cosmic Mind. Soon she received a vivid dream showing her how to make a lot of money. She now has an income of $600 a week!

Right now - at this very moment - you can receive the answer to your prayers. You can be shown how to receive whatever you desire - whilst you sleep!

In this exciting book DREAMS FROM COSMIC MIND, you'll read:
 See the outcome of games in dreams!
 Know when to bet and what to bet on!
 Protect yourself & loved ones from harm!
 Create mental barrier against disease!
 Discover identity of a thief!
 Protect your home from burglary!
 Discover identities of secret enemies!
 Be forewarned of danger and avert it!
 Free yourself from psychic attack!
 How to get an adoring mate!
 Receive key information on how to succeed in your chosen field!
 Receive phone numbers and addresses of persons you wish to meet!

Author Banished Sinus Congestion in Three Days.
For most of his life author Carl Nagel had suffered from bronchitis, heavy colds, perennial sinus congestion, and tension headaches that made his life a misery. In chapter 4 of his book he describes how a very simply dream formula brought him relief! Within three days his sinus congestion had vanished - never to return and his other ailments faded!

The real content of this shape is revealed in the book. The shape itself was recognized by ancient peoples as a potent symbol of wealth and abundance!

This symbol speaks the language of Cosmic Mind which has the power to grant your every wish! IT CAN GIVE YOU CLEAR AND VIVID IMAGES OF HOW YOU CAN GET LUCKYAND RECEIVE ALL THE MONEY YOU NEED!

If You Are One Of Those People Who Never Dream, Read This! This is no ordinary 'dream book' which to you would be useless. Rather this is a formula for commanding images to appear to you in sleep. If you don't normally dream, you will receive momentary vivid Images concerning the information you need to know.

AMAZING DREAMS FROM COSMIC MIND are stunningly accurate, and it is essential that you have by your bedside pen and paper so that immediately you wake up you can write down what you saw.

Find short cuts to making money!
How to triple your income!
Release hidden talents that could make you rich!
How to beat insomnia!
Be forewarned of approaching illness and avert it!
How Cosmic Mind can heal your body during sleep!


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