Secrets of Ultra Hypnosis

Become the Person You Want to Be!"

Do you…

…Feel your life is slipping by?
…Always have a nagging thought that you could have done better?
…Have low self-esteem?
…Chronic stress related problems?
…Find it difficult to fall asleep?
…Get into embarrassing situations continuously?
…Stammer while talking to a large group?
…Have trouble ‘fitting-in’?

If you have answered any one of these questions in affirmative, consider yourself lucky! Yes, you heard me right - LUCKY!

Any of these challenges that you are facing in life right now, gives you the opportunity to open the door to a whole new life - a life that is fulfilling, happy and carved exactly as per your wishes!

How many people on this Earth get an opportunity to choose the life that THEY want to live?

People in general are puppets in the hands of circumstances, fate and their environment. Their upbringing shapes their ideas and defines their future.

Are you one of these people? The answer is NO.

The very fact that you are reading this separates you from what is called the ordinary and general school of thought and action. You have always felt that there was something missing in life. The harmony, the tranquility, the lightness that should have been there in your life is missing.

The time has come for you to claim that what is your by right. Till now, you have felt the need of the missing X factor - now is the time to DO something about it.

Place your hand on you heart and ask you self honestly, if you ever taken any ACTION towards manifesting your heart’s deepest desires? Are you going to let life go by and keep watching it from the sidelines? Wake up! The time to act is NOW!

What if you can realize all your dreams. This comes to you without any cost - yes, you heard it right - IT IS FREE! The greatest gift we have is our intelligence. Do not let it go to waste. Use to create the life you want.

Realizing What You Want

The first step towards realizing your dreams is visualizing exactly what you want in life. The Laws of Attraction state that our thoughts, our feelings and our subconscious attract various events and people in our life, and are thus responsible for the life we have. These laws are always working, irrespective of whether we are of it or not!

If you are already using something, why not make it work for you, instead of allowing it to control your life?

The Technique: Self-hypnosis

Hypnosis As a Part of Everyday Life
We think is something extra-ordinary that takes places under controlled environment and guidance and is something far removed from our daily lives. Nothing can be further from the truth. We experience hypnosis and its effect several times in a day, and yet remain unaware of it.

We experience hypnosis while:

  • Watching a movie or television (advertisements are the best example)
  • Daydreaming
  • Driving a car for long periods (it is evident when we cannot remember certain places we passed)
  • Reading and interesting novel or book
  • Listening to good and appealing music
  • Watching or listening to a politician’s appeal for votes

All of us have experienced this state at some time or the other. Instead of allowing politicians and ad film makers to take advantage of this technique, we have the potential to use it for our own desired benefits.

This art of using the technique of hypnosis to induce benefiting suggestions to our own selves is known as Self-Hypnosis. This technique allows us to direct our energies toward the goals we desire.

What Exactly is Hypnosis?
We have all heard of hypnosis, as children we have read fairy tales of magicians and witches who could hypnotize a person into doing his/her bidding. Even as we grow up we are fascinated by this science as it opens certain possibilities that are out of ordinary.

Scientifically, hypnosis ca be defined as an induced state of mind, or altered state of consciousness, during which the subject becomes receptive to suggestions. The hypnotic state is induced by suggestively removing conscious awareness to maintain a higher level of concentration.

A skilled professional hypnotist supplies instruction of timed intervals, to a cooperative subject to create this state of mind.

Self-Hypnosis Unraveled
Self-hypnosis works on exactly the same principles as hypnosis - the only difference is that instead of a second person offering the suggestions, we ourselves assume both the roles.

Why Self-Hypnosis?

Three top reasons why you must choose Self-hypnosis:

You do not have to go to any therapist or attend any sessions - individual or group. You are in-charge here. You decide what and the way you want to achieve it. All you have to do is have a clear picture of your goals, a burning desire to achieve them and some devoted time to practice the technique!

Its practical because it does not need any additional tools. There is no need to buy anything or find extra resources for it. It requires no investment on your part, except a little bit of your time. And you can get started NOW! There is no need to wait for anything.

It works! This technique is proven time and again and whoever has used it properly and regularly, has seen tangible results, including reduced stress.

Live Your Life - NOW!
The time has come for you to take you destiny in your own hands. Understand this:destiny also favors the brave, people who take action. Therefore, do not waste any more time and join this course now. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

You have the power with you to realize all your dreams and manifest all your desires.

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