Ultimate Seduction Psychic Power

"This knowledge will give you the ability
to get you anybody you desire..."

The information contained in this book is of a very repressed nature.

Get this before it is BANNED!

This is not just a book on psychic mind power, but it is geared specifically to the techniques and methods that can give you incredible powers of seduction. When you learn and apply these techniques in your life, you will have a new way of looking at the reality around you.

Your current awareness of what's really out there and what's really possible will change dramatically. When this awareness changes, you will be in a better position to create the reality that you want, simply because you will have a better understanding of the knowledge that has been kept suppressed from you.

You should feel fortunate that you have an open mind to check out this information. Most other people brush this type of stuff away. The later is fine though as this is nature's way of ensuring that only certain people obtain this knowledge. That is how powerful the knowledge is and this is how important it is. There must be a natural 'cosmic selection process' in effect.

"Just imagine if there was a way for people to finally…
get the love of the person that they've always wanted."

A way that is real and that was in tune with the invisible world around us. The methods that this book describes do not have to put a dent in your life.....you can merge into it slowly, at the pace you need to change your ways.

You do not have to live a different lifestyle to gain from this information (i.e. joining an organization, practicing magic, reading tons of books and getting nowhere, going to expensive seminars, etc). With these methods, you can gain incredible skills at the pace and terms you demand.

It's strange how so many people would never believe the possibility that their mind can affect the material world around them. Are you one of them?

Do you believe that your thoughts can create your reality?

Most people don't, and so most people can't imagine that there are vibrations which are invisible to their naked eyes are all around them. The truth is that there is an abundance of invisible things moving around and within you. One of these things is brainwaves or the electrical vibrations that your brain emits.

Thought Waves Are The Ultimate Invisible Force!

Is the above statement really far fetched? Why would this be such a strange possibility when you look at the following:

1) When you smell something, can you really see the smell with your own eyes?

2) When you have an x-ray at the hospital, can you really see with your eyes the x-rays moving in the air?

3) Whenyou watch television, can you really see the T.V. frequencies moving above you where your T.V. antenna can pick them up?

4) When you use a cellular/mobile phone, can you see with your own eyes the frequencies and waves making the connection between you and the other phone?

5) When you are watching a bag of popcorn cooking in your microwave oven, do you really see the microwave particles moving around inside?

The same logic applies when harnessing your mind power. You really can't see the "thought-waves" with your physical eyes; it's invisible to your sight just like radio waves, infared waves, television waves, x-ray, etc. Because thought-waves cannot be seen, it is difficult for people to accept these mind power concepts into their reality.

Researchers have determined that your brain emits certain frequencies.

Your brainwaves are found on the frequency chart along with radio waves, television waves, and color frequencies. Almost everything around you is known to have a certain frequency... it's like their own personal pulse signature. Whenever you listen to your FM stereo, you are tuning into radio waves from about 88 to 108 in the MHZ (mega hertz) range. Your brainwaves are measured much in the same way on the same frequency range.

DELTA (0.5 - 3.5 cycles per second) - very deep sleep without dreaming.

THETA (3.5 - 7 cps) - the moment just prior to sleep.

ALPHA (7 - 13 cps) - meditative, daydreaming.

BETA (14 - 30 cps) - wide awake and engaged in activity.

Your awareness in each of these states is very different (e.g. dream state vs waking state).

One of the MANY secrets to understanding how you can use your mind to manipulate the events and people around you is by knowing what state to have your mind in order to do the techniques.

This is important and this is why you just can't send a mental command now and expect to see results instantly. A certain method is required. But don't think that you have to be sleeping to use theta or delta level techniques; you can be wide awake if you know the secrets of accessing deep states while being in the normal beta state.

These Are The True Seduction Power Techniques
That Have Been Kept Hidden From The Public!

People have longed for this mind power seduction skill for centuries, maybe longer. In fact, in medieval times spells were cast and occult techniques for seduction were used.

Almost all cultures have their own variations of love spell or potions pasted down over the centuries. But whether spells, talismans or rituals... the key component is what is in the mind. It is the mind that does the magic, so why not cut to the chase. Mostly... love spells and gimmicks like subliminal tapes are generally unsuccessful.

The people who use these will usually never get the person of their dreams because the power to manipulate their surroundings and the events in their life needs to happen in a specific way. This certain way of using your mind to get you the love you want is still very much unknown. I doubt very much if you know anybody that uses these exact techniques; perhaps...but I doubt it.

Because of this, if you learn these techniques, you will have an incredible advantage over other people and you will find that you will be doing this work alone with no support from others.

Numerous Psychic Seduction Methods Will Be Taught To You... Not Just One

When you read the entire contents of The "Ultimate Seduction Psychic Power" Manual, you will realize that there are tons of techniques that can be put to use to give you this rare power. You'll wonder why you've never learned these techniques before or why you were never taught these skills.

Once you get this knowledge in your hands, you will understand why this knowledge has been hidden from you! Once you put your brain into the correct 'brainwave' state using the techniques, you can then put into effect Mind Seduction Power techniques on the person you want.

If you are using the techniques while the person is sleeping, they will dream about you (in a lustful way). If you use the techniques on the person when they are in front of you, they will feel an erotic sensation or feel very drawn to you (depending on what you are doing to them with your mind). You gain advanced skill at this artform by practicing. And this is a skill worth practicing. You can practice everywhere - at work, at home, at a bar, in the supermarket, on the beach, in school, on a bus, on a subway, etc.

The only way to FULLY develop this art is to practice. Lack of practice is the road that will eventually cause you to give up (leaving this power for others). Eventually, once you are well aquainted with the methods, you become a master at this art when you are able to take your knowledge and techniques to a higher level on your own. Your own creativity will stretch your mind power skills to levels that only you can access. These methods will give you the foundation and then you can grow from there.

When you make the commitment to learn these skills, then your power of manipulating the events around you can become unbelievable! Our job is to bring you the techniques that you can apply in your life. When mind power seduction techniques are put into effect, the effect on the person you are working on is IMMEDIATE! They will feel your "psychic touch" and feel very drawn by it. Under normal circumstances, people do their best to hide their true feelings.

You should expect this at first with the person you are working on. The book will give you the many dead give-aways that reveals to you that your techniques are taking effect. When you recognize these signs, it will guide you into knowing just whattechnique you should do next and it will show you your progress. After a brief time, the person you want will begin to feel attracted to you and they will outwardly show it!

The Person You Are Influencing Will Feel Like It Is Their Own Idea!

The techniques are NOT direct domination types. The person will feel drawn to you under their own accord. They will feel like it was their OWN idea! This is how powerful these techniques work. How much better can you get? You might think this to be too unbelievable, but it works!

Some people take longer than others to finally seduce, but the advantage is that your success is proportionate to the time you invest in using the techniques.

Another advantage is that the effective use of the techniques will make that person want you and come to you... no matter what! At first, they might convince themselves that they can't fit you into their life or that they will be cheating on their partner.

If you keep working on them (easily)...they will be yours! Some people take longer than others - some take less time than others. But that person will be your lover and partner sooner or later. These methods have not failed!

These powerful methods are to be used at your own risk!

With this power, you should be gentle in your use and not use these powers for negative (i.e. on children, to break up marriages, etc). There is a price to pay for using these skills for negative purposes. You can make people desire you and lust after you but you have to know the difference between right and wrong and realize the consequences of both. If you keep love in your heart and the burning feeling in your body, you will have a great time with your new sexual/love freedom.

These methods are more suited for when you like someone or know of someone and you wish this person to be yours. You do not even have to communicate with this person... just apply the methods and be patient. After you have aquired good mind power skills, you will find you can use the methods in social situations for almost instant results. However you must be well practised. As a beginner though... apply these methods on someone you see at your work, or schooling or whatever. Work with the methods daily, and you will witness the magic as they start to become very drawn to you... then fall head-over-heels for you.


In case you were wondering, this book has nothing to do with...

- pick-up lines
- sappy phone pitches
- come-ons that make you look like a desperate idiot
- pre-rehearsed scripts for conversation
- phony confidence builders
- pretending to be someone you are not
- black magic

The "Ultimate Seduction Psychic Power" Manual has nothing to do with anything listed above.


Are these techniques easy to learn?
Yes, surprisingly most people find that these methods are quite easy to learn and most people are surprised at just how easy the concept is. They do not require you to have prior training in mind power related protocols; all that you need to know is in the manual. And like any skill or art-form, your ability increases the more you practice.

Will I see results during my beginner stages?
These methods DO NOT require you to have the skill mastered before they will work. You will see results as you are learning and as you work with the methods! The techniques have been designed like this to help provide you with feedback; feedback that will not only guide you along your strategies of mentally seducing a person, but to also build up your confidence with the effectiveness of these methods. The mind power seduction methods will have an instant effect on the person you are wanting to seduce.

However, during your initial stages of practice, you may not outwardly see the effect at first. Due to the nature of the methods and their mechanics, the influence will be imediate and will accumulate upon the person's mind until an outward manifestation is witnessed. As you get better and your skills are refined, then your influence becomes stronger and more powerful and hence the outward manifestations will occur much quicker. The manual also teaches you what signs to look for so you know that your methods are taking effect.

Is there a guarantee that comes with the manual?
It is interesting that this question comes up with this book. Most people who purchase a book in a bookstore never ask for a guarantee regarding the content of a book they are purchasing. But with this manual, I guess our claim is what makes some people skeptical. Unfortunately, we do not offer any guarantee with this manual for one simple reason: We have no way of knowing or verifying that the reader actually properly worked with the methods as prescribed in the manual. And as you know, many people who acquire a 'how-to' course such as this often never even follow-through and apply the methods (this is the lethargy of human nature).

Is the book available in stores?
Not yet. It is only available through the internet.

Can these methods be used for gay people too?
Of course, all sexual and love 'flavors' are accommodated by these psychic power seduction techniques. You can apply these secrets to the opposite sex or the same sex depending on your tastes. What ever way you swing, the methods will swing with you! The MSP methods are for both men and women to use in however way they choose.

What about using the methods on people who are married?
You can use the methods on anybody! If you expect to influence someone who is already in a relationship, then you should be prepared to rock the boat and all concequences that comes with that (the good and the bad).

Is it wrong to use these methods on people? Doesn't it impose on another's free-will?
We just provide you with the information and leave the moral issues to you. We cannot, nor do not wish to tell you how to live your life morally. That is up to you.

How long does it take to get someone's love (or lust) from using the methods in this book?
The time varies for each person, depending upon each situation and your skill. Actually, these variations should be considered a blessing to you. If each situation is different thus requiring your to have various challenges, then your overall skill level will improve.

The programming hits the person immediately however time for manifestation varies. Remember someone can be very attracted to you and not say anything about it. The manual teaches you the signs to look for including the hidden body language that shows your techniques are having an effect. Also, the manual teaches you full methods for dealing with resistance as some people are harder to get than others. The most important thing you need to know is that you will get that person you want.

How do I practice the methods?
Well this is covered in the manual. Like any skill, "practice makes perfect". Practice should be a daily event when developing this art-form. Practice whenever you can... on the subway, on friends, in school, at work, in bars, etc. To become a master, you have to totally familiarize yourself with the techniques and protocols and practice whenever or wherever you want. Even if you are standing in a line at the check out, you will have a few moments to work your stuff and test reactions.

Can I tell people that I am using these methods on them?
No matter how tempting it is to boast about your new mental skills, it is suggested to keep your secret knowledge to yourself! True confidence in yourself and your abilities does not require you to show off to others.


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