We have the latest technology in Brain Entrainment & Subliminal. After many years of research since we started this website, we have been doing research into Brain Entrainment & Subliminal.

With bold, controled experiment and venture into "edge/fringe" of science, we are very happy to announce that we have achieve the following technology.

Subliminal Technology
The most basic subliminal technology that is already a breakthrough on it own. Based on many years of research by famous and well know scientist.
(included in ALL Level CD)

Triple Binary Beats™ (TBB™)
Combination of Binary Beats, Subliminal and Soundwave technology to provide basic, fast and simple solution to your entrainment needs.
(included in Basic Level CD)

Brain Mantras Subliminal Technology™ (BMST™)
NEW in the market. We are the FIRST to combine Ancient Mantra (Metaphysic) with subliminal and soundwaves. Rave review on this latest breakthrough.
(included in Basic Level & Advance Level CD)

Embedded Subliminal Hypnosis™ (ESH™)
Using Professional Hypnosis techniques and embedded into subliminal message and soundwaves. Powerful in breaking bad habits & achieve certain goals FAST!
(included in Advance Level & Cutting Edge Level CD)

Multi-Layer Subliminal Technology™ (MLST™)
Contains 200 times more subliminal message than ordinary CD in the market. It's not only 200 times more powerful but it saves you, your listening time. Imagine listening to more subliminal message in a shorter time. A real TIME SAVER!
(included in Advance Level& Cutting Edge Level CD)

Ultrasonic Silent Subliminal Technology™ (USST™)
Subliminal messages, soundwaves, Embedded Hypnosis message are optimized and modulated to ultrasonic ranges. High frequency playback of inaudible sound with programming benefits.

Your brain receives and processes these messages without any need for conscious interpretation. This cutting edge technology completely bypasses the critical faculties of your mind to create quicker, longer-lasting, positive results.

You can use it while you watch TV, study, talking or even working.
Ultimate Time Saver.
(included in Experimental and some of Cutting Edge Level CD)


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Ultimate Psychic Seduction
Natural Pheromone Release
Mystical Sense (Perfume)
Audio of Youth™ 2.0
* The Uncanny Money Secret (New)
* Ancient Pranic Energy (New)

140 Ancient Mantra (Main)
Unspoken Master Command 
Dreams from Cosmic Mind

Bible of the Undying (Main)
Egyptian Mystical Box 
Babylonian Word of Power 
Companion: Guardian Angel (Hot)
Psychic Power Secrets 
Talismans That Works
Unleashed Financial Chakra (New)

$27 Products
Master Your Destiny
Ancient Universe Secrets
Secrets of Ultra Hypnosis
Amazing Dating System

(Advance User)

Accelerated Growth & Healing
Anxiety Reduction
Concentration, Focus and Memory
Learning/Complex Tasks
Depression Reduction
Delta Session (Meditation)
Gamma Session (Meditation)
Alpha-Theta Session (Meditation)
Creative Focus
Energy / Motivation
Immune System Enhancement
Headache / Migraine Relief
Sleep: Insomnia Buster
Increase Intelligence
Sleep: Deep Sleep Induction
Stress Relief
Will Power / Breaking Habits
Break Free of Limiting Belief

Coming Soon

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