Unspoken Master Command



At last! Here is a way of projecting your silent wishes to other people that they will want to carry out – all WITHOUT YOU UTTERING A SINGLE WORD!

Have you ever wished you had the seemingly magical power to make someone say “yes” instead of “no”… to make them agree instead of disagree … to make them see your point of view and act in accordance with your wishes?


But before we tell you about UMCP read this:

  • For two years Jane P. (Cheshunt) tried to get her boyfriend to propose to her. Then she was told to try UMCP and he proposed the very next time she saw him!
  • Ian B. (Hackney) just couldn’t get his landlord to carry out the repairs that were badly needed. He was skeptical about UMCP, but decided it was worth a try. landlord agreed to have all repairs done within the next month!
  • Harry B. (Droitwich) desperately wanted to date the girl he saw every morning on his way to work, but he could never summon the courage to speak to her. He tried UMCP and was said at the result – she smiled and “Hello” the next time he say her; the next day she wanted to know his name; and the next weekend they had their first date! (Much later, when they had been lovers for some time, she confided that she could not understand why she felt the impulse to speak to him that first time! Harry knew why, but kept the secret to himself!)

UMCP is a genuine system of thought projection.

You simply project your wish to another person and THAT PERSAON WILL FEEL IMPELLED TO DO AS YOU WANT! No, this is not immoral – he does not do anything against his interest: in fact, the other person thinks t is his own wishes that are expressed.

Nor is UMCP simply hypnotism or suggestion under another name, and neither is it a repetition of the psycho-command telecult power or kinetics of other books – systems which claim aim to be “silent” but in reality are not! With UMCP, no words are spoken: you only slightly project your thought or wish to the other person – and in nine cases out of ten, he cannot refuse!

Jenny T. (Hull) tried UMCP on her ex-boyfriend. He was seeing another woman, and told Jenny that there was “simply no way he would ever go back” to her. Now, somebody can say a thing like that and mean it, but it is very hard to resist UMCP because it is directed at the person’s subconscious over which he has no control! Jenny got her boyfriend back!

UMCP can be employed by anyone simply, safety and quickly! No rituals are required. No equipment. No gimmicks. UMCP’s author V. Cerne discovery after many years of research and experiment. Anybody can do it. Mr. Came spent years trying to get it right so that it would work almost without fail fro everyone who tried it.

But how can it be so effective? Why should it work when other methods seem ineffective? The reason it works is that it operates DIRECTLY on the other person’s subconscious mind. In other words, the other person has no idea of what you are doing. He doesn’t feel he is being manipulated! But neither does It mean you are making a zombie out of him! His subconscious will not agreed to something that is not in his interest.. But will agree to something that is in YOUR INTERESTS!

All the case histories of UMCP that have been analyzed reveal that the persons who were “manipulated” suffered no loss to their self-esteem or self-interest.. In other words, if what you want from UMCP is good, you cannot harm anyone; IN FACT THE CONTRARY IS THE CASE: THE OTHER PERSON ACTUALLY THINKS IT IS HIS IDEA TO BE ON YOUR SIDE! With UMCP you plant a thought in someone else’s subconscious. And sometimes A can be done in SECONDS.

Pamela F. (Orpington) was owed $200 by a”friend.’ Pam was about to give up hope of getting her money back when she read about UMCP. The next time she met her friend used UMCP as she said Hello.” Immediately,tier friend returned her money and another $40 for her trouble!

What is so convenient about UMCP is how it can be used instantly anywhere. You simply apply the technique without saying a word. UMCP is better than mind-reading or telepathy – you simply project your thoughts immediately when it is necessary.

V. Cerne is a long time student of the mental arts. In his view most books about projecting thoughts are just gimmicks without any real substance. He has developed UMCP from a life-time’s experience of mind power matters.

Apply UMCP, according to his proven formula, and you will be positively astounded the results! It is like having your own magic genie – who is able to make almost anyone grant what you wish of them! No longer can anyone intimidate you! No longer can anyone cheat you!

For with UMCP – a secret which was previously known only to the ancient Egyptians – you have a secret mental weapon which gives you immediate control over their intentions toward you; and you have all these WITHOUT UTTERING a single word to them!

You can use UMCP the very minute. you get this book. You can use it on anyone you choose. For once, you can get your way in life. For once, you can be in control and get someone to say “yes” when previously they would only have said”no”; and not only that, they will say ‘yes” gladly! People – who may have been antagonistic before – will be eager to help you without knowing why!

Only you will know why! Only you will have this power! Send for Unspoken Master Command Power (UMCP) now, and take control of your life.

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